Very Basic Recommended Reading for Accelerationism

Marxism is nothing if not accelerationist”

-Mark Fisher

In this post I’ll be linking to some important articles and documents within the left-accelerationist school of thought. I’ll give a basic breakdown for some of these. I won’t go too into detail with this post but I encourage everyone to at least read the manifesto. However, I want to make one thing clear about accelerationism. On the left, “accelerationism” is a very dubious and poorly understood term. Unprincipled online discourse and mainstream news outlets have worsened this issue. The quote below words this better than I can.

Accelerationism is a contested and obtuse term among the Left, so in order to understand what accelerationism is, it’s crucial to understand what it isn’t. Accelerationism doesn’t propose letting capitalism expand and erode to such a degree that its corrosive contradictions become so unbearable that the oppressed and working classes have no choice but to revolt.”

From the same authors:

Left adherents believe that technology can be pushed to emancipatory ends in order to transition into a post-capitalist world. Right adherents wish to intensify the conditions of capitalism indefinitely to possibly bring about the singularity. “

With this hopefully cleared up, we should begin our investigation.


The manifesto! If you’re going to read one thing, at least let it be this. This article is not too long and is fairly straight forward.

I haven’t read this entirely but this is good too.

Mark Fisher and 90s UK Cyberpunk

This guy and his crew deserves his own category. Very influential in modern accelerationism. Most popular book is Capitalist Realism. Fisher is primarily a cultural critic/theorist rather than a philosopher. His work is very entertaining to read simply out of its relatability and relevance.

Capitalist Realism:

Click to access Capitalist%20Realism_%20Is%20There%20No%20Alternat%20-%20Mark%20Fisher.pdf


Click to access hauntology.pdf

Terminator vs Avatar

Nick Land’s Meltdown

Listen, Nick Land is a bad guy and is responsible for the neo-reactionary movement (NRx) but his early work isn’t inherently politically right wing. The above work is highly influential and made some pretty apt predictions (“neo-China arrives from the future”). I’m putting him here just out of the fact of his influence.

Cybernetic Planned Economies

How do people get the things they need after a market economy? In typical Marxist fashion, the response is a planned economy. How can this be aided by technology? What would that look like and how could it be implented realistically? Many theorists have explored these questions in great detail.

Marx’s Critique of the Gotha Programme

Click to access Marx_Critque_of_the_Gotha_Programme.pdf

This is the work where Marx introduces “Labor Vouchers”, an alternative to money.

Paul Cockshot – Towards a New Socialism

Paul Cockshott is a Marxist computer scientist that gives a very detailed and mathematical implementation of a labor voucher based planned economy. If you are comfortable with computer science and math concepts, this should be a very interesting read for you. Others may have some difficulty. (Note: Cockshott is a bit a TERF and I do not support his dumbass views on gender)

People’s Republic of Walmart

Quote from website:

For the left and the right, major multinational companies are held up as the ultimate expressions of free-market capitalism. Their remarkable success appears to vindicate the old idea that modern society is too complex to be subjected to a plan. And yet, as Leigh Phillips and Michal Rozworski argue, much of the economy of the West is centrally planned at present. Not only is planning on vast scales possible, we already have it and it works. The real question is whether planning can be democratic. Can it be transformed to work for us?”

Feminist Accelerationism

How can we repurpose technology for feminist and queer liberation goals? With the advent of the internet, gender and identity as a whole has become increasingly obscured and obfuscated. The internet has already been considered as simultanously a breeding ground and research center for gender and sexual identities. Virtual reality may lead to more dimensions for identity expression.

Laboria Cuboniks – Xenofeminist manifesto

A favorite of mine.
If nature is unjust, change nature!


Donna Haraway – A Cyborg Manifesto

Click to access manifestly_haraway_—-_a_cyborg_manifesto_science_technology_and_socialist-feminism_in_the_….pdf

Sadie Plant – zeros + ones

Sadie Plant was part of the 90s UK cyberculture with Fisher and Land mentioned earlier.

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